BIO: who is this guy!!?!


Barry is a jeff nominated maker of theatrical music and sound with over 40 world premieres, a multitude of  albums under his own name and as a band leader — with the seminal trance outfit, MiLkBabY and the retro future space prog group, Grape Juice plus.

Barry is a proud associate artist with 16th Street Theater, Winifred Haun & Dancers, and director of Impending Behavior Orchestra.

Other companies he has worked with since coming to Chicagoland in 1993 would include:
The Goodman, Victory Gardens, Chicago Dramatists (former associate artist), Mordine and Company, Something Marvelous, Writers’ Theatre, The Aardvark, Steppenwolf, The Art Institute, Emerald City, National Pastime, Cindy Brandle Dance Company, PROP THTR, Chicago Moving Company (former composer in residence), Estrogen Fest, Asimina Chremos, Breakbone Dance, and others.

By day Barry is a modern dance accompanist and plays percussion with a wide variety of groups pn stages in the region. Some notable stints behind the kit include: PEEP, Apartment, Pointy Teeth, C.I.A, Planet Claire, BombBone, Strangers & Saints, and Black Dot.

He is married to director, Ann Filmer, and along with their daughter Hannah make their home in Berwyn.

Barry has no interest in Adulthood. Barry is the luckiest boy in the world.



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6 thoughts on “BIO: who is this guy!!?!

  1. All of your family in the ozarks are soooo proud of you.I was the one who bought you your first drum set and Mom was not to happy about that, but she got over it.Love you Big Sister or is that older sister LOL Dodie

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