in the 2011 Chicago theater season, i was nominated for a JEFF(equity wing) award for my sound design for HICKORY DICKORY @ Chicago Dramatists.  That is a nice thing.  here is some other nice things…

Theatrical Sound Designer Barry Bennett is a magician. His work on the several shows he has designed for Chicago Dramatists has been original, sensitive, resourceful, and magical. He is a great collaborator and team player who meets his deadlines and stays within budget. His work always lives within and contributes significantly to the larger experience of the whole production. —Russ Tutterow – Artistic Director, Chicago Dramatists

I have had the privilege of working with Barry for many years. He is currently creating the soundscore for my upcoming dance concert and has inspired my choreography with his haunting, strange, beautiful music. During this process I have given Barry minimal direction and the pieces he has created have been right on target, which in turn helps me in the creation of my work.
Barry Rocks! —-Cindy Brandle — Artistic Director, Cindy Brandle Dance Company

Working with Barry Bennett is working with a true collaborator. From the moment Barry read the script, he was already creating an aural landscape. What is most unique about working with Barry is that he thinks of the big picture and of the piece as a whole so together we can create a seamless world for the play.
I could go on and on…. —- Kimberly Senior — free-lance Director and Producer


When Wendye Clarendon (SM) hits that first sound track from the magnificent underscore created by fablzzz Barry Bennett, I feel like when breathing out releasing a miriad of bubbles to submerge into the ocean to dive and find a marvelous unknown world. Barry’s lubric creation keeps gliding, pushing, rolling, sailing, floating, squeezing us through this wonderful journey. At this point in time I adore every sound as it has been woven within our words, movements and emotions. And though bowling scene will stay in my memory forever….the sound when Atomiko flies back to Mexico surpasing the legendary border fence catapulted only by his stinky bravery and a broom stick fills my heart with immense joy and hope. Thank you,Barry B!!!!!!!!!!!!! —-Laura Crotte — company of “Into the Beautiful North” @ 16th Street Theater



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GRAPE JUICE PLUS love from KC music writers…

“The Simian Syndrome is the debut album from Chicago duo Grape Juice Plus. Featuring Barry Bennett on drums, keys and vocals, and Eric Klotz on guitar, these guys are not the usual guitar drum rock duo like Black Keys or Japandroids. What you get is a highly original, experimental band that pushes the limits everywhere. This is an album of edgy, discordant, improvisational music, with plenty of depth, ranging from rock cliches to African tribal rhythms. This is one of the most creative albums so far this year and will challenge listeners at all levels. A definite must have.” ——– Floorshime Zipperboots
how ’bout some PRESS BULLETS!?!?!!!!


  • From the outermost fringes of the Trip-Hop world where the borders between it and improv jam-bands, ambient,trance and dub electricians and menacing industrialists overlap and begin to rub off on one another comes MiLkBabY … a strange sort of world music for a new science fiction-esque post industrial world … The Eternals, Qwel – now Milkbaby. Indie music has become a valuable export of the windy city.—
  • challenging experimental, rock scientists — Chicago Tribune
  • Local trio MiLkBabY have just put out the fifth release of their ten-year career: BottLe, on Uvulittle. I’m enjoying this record a lot—a soundtrack for a scattered afternoon, chill-out music for people who wouldn’t know “chilling out” if you shoved them in a meat locker. Part trance, part trip-hop, part sheer fingerpainting solipsism, its swirls and chants and burbles tease the pattern-making part of the brain. Find the logic—it’s got to be in there somewhere. In the meantime, if you just can’t focus, they’ll make you feel good about not having to. — Monica Kendrick, CHICAGO READER
  • BottLe marks a significant turning point for MiLkBaby, the trippy Chicago-based progressive trio that plays fully improvised live shows. For one, it’s easily the most accessible album in the group’s decade-long history. And it also marks the first collaboration between founding multi-instrumentalist Barry Bennett, bassist/guitarist Darren Shepherd and his singing girlfriend/accordion player Sophie Senard in the wake of the departure of Tracee Westmoreland and David Lee Smith — who changed continents in 2001. The result? More than 66 minutes of cacophonic, percussion-punctuated music that conjures mangled and bloody sonic images of vintage Peter Gabriel… Former MiLkBabies Westmoreland and Smith make guest appearances here, but it is clear that Bennett is the one spinning this bottle and taking MiLkBabY in commendable new directions. You can’t help but clap your hands and shake your ass. —–Michael Popke, SEA OF TRANQUILITY
  • This isn’t music that you ignore, or play in the background at a dinner party. Thank God. This is music that you look at, touch and listen to. Yes Bertha, just like art. This isn’t music for everybody. This is music that makes you feel alive, primal, fearless and vulnerable. — Midwest
  • “…the music of Chicago’s Milkbaby is nearly impossible to quantify. The duo of Barry Bennett and Darren Shepherd engage in a bizarre blur of electronics, percussion, brass, keyboards and guitars to create an odd record filled with both ambience and dissonance. …it’s clear Milkbaby possesses an uncanny ability to cast a sonic spell and hypnotize listeners. Each of these seven songs is utterly distinct. As a reference point, think King Crimson meets Dead Can Dance. But the best track, “Father’s Son,” borrows respectfully from early Peter Gabriel.” — Progression Magazine
  • These talented folks have every right to wonder why they do not have a larger than national following… a great roller coaster ride. — Jim Brenholts for
  • haunting, engaging, tribal experimentation. The musical equivalent to the most beautiful storm you’ve ever seen. 4 1/2 stars — Sterling, VA
  • MiLkBabY, sTRangE JuKeBoX: Live at Mother Fool’s, holds sonic driftings that feast on tribal psychosis and futuristic rituals of organic trances, rare collusion and snakey grace. — Maximum Ink
  • Tribal percussion keeps clock while shamanic chants apostrophize friendly spirits, and sheets of disembodied tonality play footsie with dust particles…MiLkBabY mean to repave your mental landscape — THE ISTHMUS Madsison, WI
  • Void of both clasification and expectation…MiLkBabY operates as a model of synergy…the aural equivalent of a single muscle flexing —
  • ambitious, indefinable electronic music…mixes jazzy elements with organic-sounding techno, creating a hybrid that breathes warmth into a frequently chilly genre. — THE ONION
  • it calls to mind never visited places that are somehow still familar – Centerstage Chicago
  • best of the esoteric realm – Illinois Entertainer
  • a weird wonderful mixture of world music – Chicago Daily Herald


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