Impending Behavior Orchestra

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The Impending Behavior Orchestra is a modular sound / light/ movement performance group based in Chicago led by musician/composer/sound designer Barry Bennett and originally founded  with video artist, Kristin Reeves.
IBO is modular in the sense that it can manifest itself in many forms and purposes. As few as two or as many as 10 collaborators. IBO can manifest as a concert in a club, an interactive piece of dance theater, a component of a full theatrical production, full on frenzy or as still as a gallery installation.
IBO is interested in the impulse of the artist and how it makes them behave in the ritual of live performance. Does the idiosyncratic impulse of the artist/musician/dancer create the vision / behavior, or does the behavior create the idiosyncrasies? Chicken or Egg? Symbiosis?
IBO believes in improvisation.
IBO believes in chaos and synchronicity walking hand in hand.
IBO believes in action / reaction.
IBO believes in simultaneous play.
IBO believes in ritual.
IBO believes in crossing disciplinary boundaries.
IBO believes we are members of a tribe.
IBO believes in IBO.
IBO believes in YOU.

recent collaborators include, but not limited to:

Atalee Judy, Mindy Meyers, Kristin Reeves, Ryan Schultz, Tracee Westmoreland, Kristina Fluty, PROP THTR, 16th Street Theater, Circle in the Square, Rachel Bunting, Cindy Brandle, Edward Reardon, Toru Hironaka, and David Lee Smith

l_26e63deb5f394183a58cb38f3a136c2c( Ghost Cycles pics: Carl Wiederman; Dreamland Station pics: Gordon Penn)


2 thoughts on “Impending Behavior Orchestra

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  2. Wish I kood be there d’ see yer re-younion withol’ Lerry Bryint !-D

    Give ma luv d’ ever’body an’ wupp that Lama’s reeren’ or whatever is callt fer.

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