It is here!!  The new album! The Simian Syndrome is upon us!! Click to pick up!


“The Simian Syndrome is the debut album from Chicago duo Grape Juice Plus. Featuring Barry Bennett on drums, keys and vocals, and Eric Klotz on guitar, these guys are not the usual guitar drum rock duo like Black Keys or Japandroids. What you get is a highly original, experimental band that pushes the limits everywhere. This is an album of edgy, discordant, improvisational music, with plenty of depth, ranging from rock cliches to African tribal rhythms. This is one of the most creative albums so far this year and will challenge listeners at all levels. A definite must have.” ——– Floorshime Zipperboots



The mighty Grape Juice Plus finally put those “bootleggy” recordings behind them with the release of their debut studio recording…THE SIMIAN SYNDROME!!! Culled from sessions throughout 2016 at BaseStationBerwyn, THE SIMIAN SYNDROME is every Ape Rockonaught’s  (see what I did there) dream!!  This retro futuristic treat has been declared overdub free by the FDA and suitable for primate consumption…

here is a taste…



What is it?  A haunted liquid to stimulate the auditory nerves? Ape Astronaut Zira’s favorite libation?  The latest group situation for music making to filter through the webbing of BarryBennettSounds?

all of the above…


ingredients include:  tribal groove, other worldly chants, electricity, improvisation, ritual, celebration, unknown lands, an ocean floating in the sky, a sprinkle of retro-future, a dash of prog, an old friend, a new friend, fun…


Barry Bennett:  drumming, synths, vox

Eric Klotz:  guitar

Tony Churchill: projections (live)

Born out of a series of Monday morning  sessions, both musicians were looking be pushed to new areas of their improvisational sand boxes.  Bennett, a fixture of Chicago’s free rock scene dating back to the classic band, MiLkBabY.  Klotz, emerging from the world of jazz and fusion.  Well, they found some new sand.  this one populated by apes on horseback.


take a drink.  see what happens…

a full show in a blizzard…what the heck.


video by Hannah Doris Bennett (age 10 at the time)!


from above the stage, opening for STICK MEN @ Reggies… the first 5 of the set…


monsoon outside, but inside The Burlington Bar…


from WIRE in fabulous berwyn.  finally a vid where you can enjoy tony’s projections!

another from The Burlington Bar…


mighty GJP get tender…

more ringside shots at the stripes…



GJP outta 031519









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