1625488_845935802110649_5505611007970212633_n   The internet home of BARRY BENNETT — drummer, maker of sounds theatrical and otherwise, daddy, and part-time human.  you see the tags.  click around, hang out a bit, listen to some tunes, say hello. on this page, you’ll also see quick news bulletins and thoughts. like this…

NEW DANCE VIDEO FROM MARY SUE REESE using The Shut-In Sides Side 7 Pt 2!!!


Territory from Mary Sue Reese on Vimeo.

Pandemic got you down? Faced with an abundance of time on my hands and locked in a house with music equipment, i decided to do a little project to stay sane and productive…
presenting The Shut-In Sides!
derived from solo improvisation, each release is a long form exercise approx the length of a vinyl album side.
Rules? While each release has no limits on the number of improvised passes allowed once a chunk of music has been selected to mix, all tracking must take place in a single day.
Hopefully these recordings provide some 20 min spurts of vacation from these strange historic times.
they can be free to download…
though,if compelled, you are more than welcome to pay any amount you wish at checkout.
i, like everyone else in the music industry, have found themselves suddenly unemployed…
that being said, if inclined and able, THANK YOU…
but no pressure! we have to create our own culture and i’m trying to participate in our greater good.
strap on those headphones and enjoy!
















your guess is as good as mine…

stay strong!





GJP’s new album, The Simian Syndrome is now AVAILABLE!! CLICK ME BabY!!



LIVE bootyleggy recordings AVAILABLE for fun and frolic













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Have a taste of  my solo record, Black Galaxy Sparkle? you know you wanna…

how ’bout a nibble of the solo debut, Death to Death?  might as well…

i was honored to do the score the Stephanie Diaz Reppen’s, “Mariposa Nocturna: A Puppet Triptych,.  It was such a special experience, receiving several productions including being part of the chicago international puppet theater festival.

This film, EL CARRUAJE, by Jessica Mondres was also part of the production. The Score to the film is also by me… check it out

CHECK THIS!  who do you call when your band needs a music video??  my 10yr old daughter (at the time), Hannah…

AND LOOK!  a dance film for The Loom Test off Black Galaxy Sparkle by David Wilson!

LOOK! a dance film for (manifesto) off Death to Death!! by David Wilson!

ALSO… do you like to faces in your book? CLICK!


  1. Hey this looks great Barry! And I do like the sounds. Best to you annd your parttime humanity and full time family. Prop misses you. Oh yeah…Bonobo is just an economy sized chimp or…? I choose it.

  2. Is this Barry Bennet, THE Barry Bennet of my childhood, who was one of the BEST BUDDY friends I ever had!! I hope so….
    Rhonda McGuire Lockard

  3. I guess I’ve never listened to your stuff before, Barry. I’ll start by saying that it’s going to take some getting used to, it’s an unexpected sound and feel. My initial impression is that it’s sort of a Jazz/Pink Floyd mix/mash. Then, the more I heard I started thinking more Dream Theater/King Crimson. But I don’t think it’s very easy to say it’s exactly any of those.
    Keep up the original work.

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